“What the heck, I am worth it!” – Fantasia Q.

Documentarian / camera woman

I’m a documentarian / camera woman and my shoulders have been rock hard for years now as a result of carrying the camera into action. At the first sign of stress my shoulders tighten up like THING on Fantastic Four. Not a very feminine feeling or look, but I chalked it up to a consequence for a great career. My mom bought me a massage Groupon for Mother’s Day 2015, she felt I could use it, and a few weeks ago I redeemed the voucher. I was assigned to a small framed (maybe 110 lbs) therapist named Christina. For 60 minutes she leaned into me using her forearms, hands, and body to manipulate my knotted up muscles. Afterwards, she recommended we do a series of treatments to help dismantle the brick wall that has taken over my shoulders. Christina recommended I visit once a month for an hour massage to dismantle the brick wall and the price quoted for maintenance was significantly lower than the usual price for an hour massage so I signed up. Initially, and ever so briefly, I was thinking that a year commitment seemed a bit much for a little tension (brick wall) but then I thought “What the heck, I am worth it!”. I will be having another appointment with Christina tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier. Every time my shoulders get close to acting like they want to tighten up I whisper “Don’t make me call Christina” and the tension subsides.

Keystone Body Therapies in Chandler seems to be the real “muscle manipulation” deal and I am loving the maintenance so far. Over the next 12 months I’ll be sure to drop in and Yelp updates. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. #ByeByeRockShoulders and no more feeling like Ms. THING!

“Wow, these guys are good! I’m a chiropractor…” – Josh A.


Wow, these guys are good! I’m a chiropractor that loves the work these guys do with my patients and I even have them work on myself. Absolutely fantastic work with shoulders and so much more! The guy I got to work with was Dustin and man he is a miracle worker. I hardly even have to tell him where I feel discomfort and, sure as hell, he’s on it and 30 minutes later I feel like a million bucks! I highly recommend this place. They are courteous, the staff couldn’t be nicer, and they are super easy to deal with. Overall, a fantastic experience!

“One of the best night’s sleep in a long time” – Jacob A.

Problem shoulder

I went to Keystone after I bought a Groupon for a 60 minute injury massage. I have had a problem in my shoulder area for over a year now. I have seen chiropractors and have been to a doctor for X-rays and nothing has gotten better until now! I told Dustin about the problem area and he listened and strictly focused on just what I needed. The session was painfully good and I feel 100 times better. The pain that I was constantly feeling has subsided greatly. I got one of the best night’s sleep in such a long time after the treatment. I will be back for follow up treatments. Very highly recommended!

“I will never be going back to the chiropractor again” – Branigan S.

Former competitive gymnast

First off, let me start by saying I NEVER write reviews for anything, but after my experience here, they 100% deserve it!

I am a former competitive gymnast of 13 years so, needless to say, my body has experienced an abnormal amount of wear and tear starting at a very young age which has continued to haunt me into my early adulthood. I have been going to a chiropractor since I was 10 (now 24). After my first appointment here I can firmly say I will never be going back to the chiropractor again.

If you experience back pain on a day to day basis as I do you know some days are more bearable than others. On the worst days you are willing to do whatever it takes to find relief right then and there. After searching and calling many massage places on Groupon with either no answer or “sorry we have no availability today”, Michael answered and said “yes, we can see you in 30 minutes.”

I arrived and Michael was there to greet me, had me fill out some paperwork, and was in my therapy room within 5 minutes. I have to admit I was wary about having a massage performed by a man but, let me tell you, I couldn’t have felt more comfortable the ENTIRE time. Michael was very respectful and professional. I will, most definitely, request him every time. Afterward, I almost cried because for the first time in 10 years I didn’t even feel like it was my own body. I had 0 pain which never happens after I leave the chiropractor, just a bit of relief.

If you experience back pain on a day to day basis as I do you know some days are more bearable than others.

Even more so, at the time of payment Groupon was being slow and wouldn’t process my voucher. They didn’t hesitate on letting me leave and call them later with my validation code.

I have already in 2 days recommended and passed along Michael’s business card to 5 different people and will continue to do so!

Again, I can’t thank him enough for the amazing job he did!

“I owe my healing to Keystone Body Therapies” – Arika H.

Special needs kindergarten teacher

November 10th, 2011 is a day that sticks out in my mind clearly. I was on a plane traveling to California for my dad’s wedding. With my 3 year old son on my lap, I was scooting over on the seats when I sat down hard on the metal U-bracket that holds the seatbelts into place. Hot knives of pain shot up my spine. I spent the rest of the weekend using pain killers to be able to walk around and sit without feeling like daggers were stabbing through my tailbone. For the next several months I would be unable to sit in a reclining position or sit on the floor without pain. This was very difficult for me as I am a kindergarten teacher and spend a lot of time on the floor with my students. It also occurred to me that having any more children might prove to be even more painful due to the pain in my tailbone. I was afraid that future children would be impossible. In April of 2012 I began seeking pain treatment. I made an appointment at a pain clinic and had a consultation with their medical staff.

After receiving an x-ray on the area we found that I had not actually damaged the bone. However an ultrasound revealed inflammation surrounding the area the size of a grapefruit. I began receiving treatment; however it became clear very quickly that this treatment method was not working. Although I experienced some temporary relief, the pain was always back by the next day. After 2 months of treatment I was still unable to sit comfortably for any length of time. It was around this time that a friend suggested I try injury massage as the problem was in the tissue surrounding my tailbone.

As I was not yet receiving the relief I was promised, I decided to look into massage. I came across Keystone Body Therapies and called to make an appointment. I met with a certified therapist who explained to me how structural integration massage could help address my pain. I agreed to try their treatment plan and made weekly appointments to work with my new therapist. Each week we worked on a different part of my body, while also doing massage to the specific areas surrounding my pain. I quickly noticed the pain becoming less and less throughout the following weeks. Within three months of beginning my treatment with Keystone and receiving structural integration massage with my new therapist, my pain was gone. I am now able to sit comfortably on any surface, including the hard floor! I am expecting my second child in November 2015, and am no longer afraid of the additional pain my tailbone could have caused. I owe my healing to Keystone Body Therapies.