An Alkaline Diet: What Can It Do For You?

There are many different ways to keep your body healthy. One of the best is to alkalize your diet, which focuses on neutralizing the excess acid in your body to restore and balance its natural pH levels. Disease and dysfunction flourish in an acidic system.  When we keep the body in a neutral pH state we reduce the ability of disease and dysfunction to survive.

Having an acidic body can lead to many issues. They are noticeable on the surface, in the skin and hair, and even deeper, in the organs of the body. They can also be minor to severe. An acidic body can present these symptoms in the form of digestive issues (gastritis, acid reflux, ulcers), dry or pale skin and hives, thin and brittle nails and hair, brittle teeth, sensitive teeth and gums, headaches, higher risk of infections, inflammation, leg cramps, low energy, muscle and joint pain, feelings of depression, and nervousness.

In a neutral pH state the body will perform better all around. The skin will appear more elastic and youthful, muscles and joints will be hydrated and function better, energy levels will rise, digestive system functions will increase, yeast production in the body will decrease, sleep will become deeper and more restful, and it will be less prone to colds, headaches and viruses.

The best foods to eat to maintain neutral pH levels in the body are most dark green vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and herbal teas. These foods are more alkaline to reduce the effects of all the acids we ingest and that our bodies naturally produce. An alkaline lifestyle will also make the body rich in nutrients that it needs to function.  Most grains, beans, meats, dairy products, fast food, and processed foods are more acidic and will lower the body’s pH levels.  We also produce many acids as a bi-product of muscle movement.  If the body is in an acidic state it will have to pull nutrients and minerals from the bones, teeth and organs in order to get to a neutral pH state. It has to work harder and this makes it more vulnerable to disease and viruses.

In conclusion, by feeding your body the right types of foods and supplements you can keep it at a neutral pH thereby allowing better and healthier functions of all of its systems.  You will put less stress on the body, feel better, have less pain, and increase overall wellness!

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