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Healthy aging with massage, not just pampering!

More and more massage is becoming recognized for what its true potential really is, healing. (Now as a massage therapist we do not think of ourselves as healers, just facilitators. The body does all the healing.) By receiving massage you are opening the door to many health benefits, some say are even anti-aging. Massage has been proven to; reduce stress and blood pressure, improve circulation, and aid in functionality of muscles.

By reducing stress and blood pressure your body will be able to function at peak performance. When stress levels are raised for long periods of time some of your body’s systems will start to shut down. One system for instance is your immune system. The chronic stress creates high levels of cortisol and insulin in the body that shuts these systems down. This is where massage comes in. Many studies have shown that getting a massage can reset your fight or flight sensor and start to balance the cortisol and insulin levels in the body. Massage has also been proven to reduce heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.

The immune system is not only affected when you suffer from chronic stress but also with poor circulation. Circulation is key to healthy living and looking young and great! The circulatory system is an extremely important system that can hinder the whole body when it’s not working sufficiently. The circulator system is a vast system running throughout the entire body providing it with fresh blood cells, oxygen, nutrients and removing all the bad it filters out. Massage is an exceptional way for you to improve your circulatory system. One side effect from improved circulation is better lymphatic response. Since you are getting better blood flow every cell in your body can be healthier. Your toxin transfer happen easier and your skin will start to look and feel better from efficient production of sebum, skins lubricant.

This last benefit is probably my most favorite benefit; functionality of the muscle system. Newton said it best when he stated the first law of physics, a body in motion stays in motion. Getting regular massage helps keep your muscles healthy and happy which will in turn helps to keep you moving. With age comes some obstacles and you need to be ready for them all. Massage can help with lengthening short stuck tissues and bring over stretched muscles back into balance. Massage can also assist with structural dysfunction which leads to major issues later in life. By receiving regular massage therapy, you can face these issues head on, and eliminate many of them from affecting you later in life.

Although massage is good for relaxation, it is also beneficial to your health in so many ways. Helping to reduce stress and blood pressure, increase circulatory health, and assisting in the functionality of muscles are only a few ways that massage is beneficial to your body. As we age and put more wear and tear on our bodies, it needs more attention to remain healthy and stay in motion. Receiving regular massage is one great way to continue healthy living, and it feels great too!

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